The Balanced Life…

Frame Artist

Work and family is a modern-day balancing act.

Some people work to live while others live to work. Very few can live without working.

This post-modern age of never before seen technology means people are constantly “on” and available – more than ever more. The separation between work and home is as minute as the click of one button.

Work/life balance just may well be the great pipe-dream of the modern age.

Is having it all the same as balance, or is it more of a case of keeping all your plates spinning at the same time without dropping any? Can we have it all? And if so, what does “having it all” really mean? Or, is enough as good as a feast, as Travers’ Mary Poppins once said?

Here, at The Balanced Life, we are dedicated to exploring the hope of balance and harmony in all aspects of the professional and the personal life in the 21st century.

We hope to build this blog into a safe on-line community space where we can share, discuss, learn, explore and build on and from everyone’s unique life experience.

Read about a wide range of work life balance tips from Ted Talks, an expert on stress , some good old fashioned common-sense, as well specialized advice for working fathers and working mothers.

Please read, comment, and share pages that may inspire and encourage others. Without your input this blog will be one-sided and out of balance. Click here  or the home button to reach the latest post.


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